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Path and Me Simply Growing … Up or Older?

It’s been such a long time since I uninstalled Path from my mobile phone. At that time, I didn’t thik I had anything to share there. And, well, some of the posts were also available on facebook — some of my friends seemed to link their Path to their Facebook account. Plus, I think, Path, unlike my other socmed accounts, couldn’t be used as a place to help me sell my batiks.

However, about two or three weeks ago, I opened Path from the computer because I saw an email from Path, saying that I got a friend request–which I approved right away from my computer. After a while, I thought, maybe I could install the apps again on my mobile.

akun-pathSo, just now, I did. However, I was there less than 5 minutes and thought, Oh my, it’s just so crowded! I don’t know whether it was the layout or I simply had too much to catch up with, I felt like uninstalling it again. However, I wrote down something there. The expression of what I felt. That it was too crowded. And, no one responded. LOL. (update: one gave her like, :D)

Maybe it’s just me. I happen to also have been lessening my involvement in other socmed such as Twitter and Facebook. Why? Well, I have my own reasons. It might have something to do with my growing up older.

I don’t feel like I have to share everything. Who cares about what I am doing.

Especially since all I do is sit in front of my old computer, trying to make a living.

Oh, well, of course, once in a while I post on my other socmed account. But it’s less frequent than before — I guess.

I like Pinterest better. I used to get online on Pinterest from my old computer. But after I got my android mobile phone, I’ve been logging in from the apps. However, I don’t pin as many as before.

See, I no longer am that interested in socmed and stuff, I guess. Yeah, it must be  me growing up old.

The point now, will I be uninstalling Path again? We’ll see!

Update: Sunday, February 21st, still well installed. LOL.



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