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Been too busy, I forgot I needed some fun

Life had been so hectic before Idul Fitri. I handled several jobs and several businesses. Such stressful moments. Moreover, I have been pregnant since last January. I forgot that pregnant woman should have been treated with more care. I mean, I should have treated myself better. For the sake of my baby.

But, what can I say? I needed to work hard. The labor is due in September — which is only a few days away now, at the same time with the time I have to pay the annual house rental fee. I had no choice — or, actually I did? No, I didn’t.

Anyway, about two weeks ago, I got so busy, I worked too hard. As the result, I had some false labors — if you know Indonesian, you can read my story about it here. The obsgyn gave me some medicine and told me to have a rest.

And, I have to add, to have some fun. I haven’t had any for such a long time, I believe. The only fun I had was when I was playing around with my BlackBerry, checking on FB and Twitter — however, such an activity cannot be considered fun when you see other people are having fun and you can only read their story about it. LOL. Yeah, you can say I am envious. I was just stating the truth.

But now, after Idul Fitri, things are getting slower. I create it that way. I have time to write some stories that I enjoy which you can check out with the hash-tag #uci on my twitter. I can blog.

Well, still, I cannot go out a lot. Because if I get too tired, for example by walking around too much, I’ll get false labors again. That, I have to avoid.

Moreover, the money issue (for the labor and house rent) is already taken care of. I think I can loosen up now. I only have to complete one more deadline and train the girls at work to do my tasks while I’m on maternity leaves.

And, from now on, no matter how the situation is, I promise myself not to forget to have some fun anymore. I deserve it. I need it.


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