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Tauhue (Kembang Tahu’s Real Name)

I always love kembang tahu. But, I’ve just found out it’s real name. Tauhue. Thanks to Google and Wikipedia.

Kembang Tahu is the Indonesian language version of Tauhue which is actually Chinese dessert. How does it looke like? You’re lucky. I’ve just bought it! Check out:



How does it taste?

You will have layers of soft — very very soft — tofu which are poured with the sauce. The sauce is made of ginger (so it feels warm in your mouth), pandan leaves, palm sugar. These are the ingredients I can guess. I think they may have added something else.

And the sauce is normally served hot. So, people usually buy it whenever it’s cold or raining.

Today, it doesn’t rain. But, I feel like I need some warm up after getting busy doing the laundry which made my feet a bit cold because of the water getting out of my old washing machine. Plus, I’ve been having headache these few days. Maybe it would help, I thought.

So I called the street vendor walking in front of my house with the sound teng-teng-teng, which is the typical sound of street vendors selling tauhue — because there are lots of street vendors in Indonesia…and they have their own unique sound that they make by either beating the spoon onto the plate, or the cart, or anything. The sounds could be ting-ting-ting, tuk-tuk-tuk, and many more, and we all are very aware of each.

But, then… after bringing it into the house, I remember this blog. I felt like I had to share this yummy thing here. So I took a picture or two of this kembang tahu a.k.a tauhue.

And, when I finally ate it…it turned a bit cold already. Too bad. But, hey, that leaves me with a reason to buy it again tomorrow! But, so sorry, I won’t take any picture of it ‘coz I will enjoy my kembang tahu ASAP! 😉

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